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木绘社...About 2 min

Display card of main person in charge

嘿嘿嘿 (General Manager)

As a high school student who loves "Takagi-san" and an unknown fan in the Takagi community, I will lead the team forward with all my strength! Takagi-san’s story never ends!
小瑀 (Director)

An otaku who likes anime
Mufeng086 (Director)

The love remains and life still goes on.
致以杰 (Special Instructor)

I am a person who focuses on developing myself in multiple directions. Please remember to eat well and rest well~
(Animation & Post-production-Supervisor)

Occupation-Fine Arts. Good at ps, ai, pr, ae. Able to draw electronically
(Painting Department-Supervisor)

Hi, hello everyone, I am Rie, who is affectionately called "Black Slave" by everyone in the QQ Channel. I am the supervisor of the Painting department in this event. I hope everyone will like our works from now on. Please take care of us.
(Storyboard Supervisor & Special Director)

An ordinary high school student who makes fan creations and personal animations.
(Translation & AI Dubbing Team Supervisor)

As a working novice programmer and technical nerd, I am good at lighting up some strange "skill points" for myself, such as lighting up "module production technology" to create GTA Takagi, which is a job that makes people feel embarrassed. I am responsible for translation and AI dubbing in the project.
江小白 (Animation sound director)

Hello everyone, this is 江小白. I am a college student. I love music and am good at singing. In my second year of high school, I started to come into contact with the professional knowledge of music production and post-processing. The technology is not mature yet and I am still learning. Looking forward to creating miracles with everyone!
66 (Operations team leader)

I am just a person who wanted to express my love for "Takagi-san" through videos and did it. I have no other talents. I just hope to bring happiness to the viewers and fans of "Takagi-san".
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