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木绘社...Less than 1 minute

Muhuishe(2023.08- )

This is a fan animation production team formed by fans of "Teasing Master Takagi-san".
Since the release of Takagi-san movie in 2022, the entire community has entered another dull period. Apart from the normally updated comics, Takagi fans have no other related content to fill the gap. While everyone is placing their hopes on possible further content development in the future, some fans also go to watch fan works in the circle, such as fan articles, mixed-cut videos, etc.
In early August 2023, the idea of a Takagi fan @嘿嘿嘿 led to the birth of this project: "I want to make those comic chapters that have not been animated in the form of fan animation."

That's how it all started.
2023.8.2 The team was officially established.

In August 2023, the magazine "Gekkan Sunday" where the work was serialized suddenly announced that the original manga would be completed in October 2023.
Faced with this unexpected news, most fans expressed their sadness.
However, this also means that fan works spontaneously created by Takagi fans will become another kind of "spiritual comfort" for "Takagi-san" from then on.
Since the project PV was released, it has received more and more welcome and support, and more people have participated.

As of the end of September 2023, the team has 49 official members.

We are just a small team that keeps moving forward with love and enthusiasm. All efforts are made just because of love.

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